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Episode 88: Aston Villa takeover talk in the wake of a tumultuous week

It's episode 88 of the Holtecast and Jack and Robert are here to break down another crazy week of Aston Villa.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Since we last spoke, we've had a lot happen at our beloved Aston Villa. The club lost. The club were relegated. Joleon Lescott said stupid things. Board members resigned. Stan Collymore threw fits. Fans threw fits. Takeover talk re-emerged. And everything looks to be suitably insane.

So why is it that everything feels so... boring right now? Jack and Robert dive into the week and focus on the big issues. With relegation guaranteed and no actual concrete takeover news, it's tough to really care about the club. Eric Black is still in charge and the same useless players are still around. Wheeee.

We've got another audio-only episode of the Holtecast this week, and we think it'll probably stay this way. Apologies if you're a fan of the video, but we just love how much better the sound quality is this way. As always, you can find us on iTunes, BlogTalk Radio, and now the Google Play Music Store! Thanks for listening!