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LISTEN: On The Pod, My Lord Episode 3: Rebranding, My Lord, Rebranding

James and Elis talk rebrand, protests and Jamie Vardy

We're back!

After a short hiatus, On The Pod is back with a new look! That's right, a whole new person who looks different to me will be co-hosting from now on.

That new person is our own Elis Sandford, who kindly planned this episode out. Thanks Elis! Elis is Welsh, likes writing, loves Villa and thus is like me, but not totally English. That makes him the second-best potential co-host aside from Gabby Agbonlahor, but he wouldn't be able to fit into the studio!

In this new episode, James and Elis ignore relegation and speak about Jamie Vardy, rebranding, dream managers and of course, the protests at Villa Park.

We hope you enjoy this and we'll be back in two/three weeks to talk about the latest fan issues facing Aston Villa supporters! If you've any feedback to give at all, please leave it in the comments section below. We'll be looking to improve audio quality in time for episode four, as well.