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Episode 87: Relegation awaits Aston Villa with trip to Manchester United

Jack and Robert return for episode 87 of the Holtecast.

Rudy Gestede: Waiting to drop.
Rudy Gestede: Waiting to drop.
Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Well, this might be it. This might actually be the last podcast we do in which Aston Villa have any hope of being a Premier League team next year. I mean, the hope isn't all that real to begin with, seeing as Aston Villa need to win out and Norwich City need to lose out and... and... yeah. Probably not happening.

So we tackle the impending certainty of the drop, mostly sealed in last weekend's woeful showing against Bournemouth. We also dig in to your twitter questions, Gabby Agbonlahor's impending fitness nightmare, this weekend's match at Manchester United, and the question of who will actually manage this team.

You'll notice that we don't have a YouTube video below, and that's because we're contemplating a switch back to audio-only for the sake of better audio quality. Let us know what you think! Should we go back to videos, or do you like it this way? And thanks, as always, for listening!