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Episode 85: There's a changing of the Garde at Aston Villa

It's episode 85 of the Holtecast and Jack and Robert are back doing something they're all too good at: fired manager talk!

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Hello and welcome to Aston Villa. Please have a seat. We'd like you to be here for four years, so we've made this contract. Please sign this contract. Alright, now please stand up. Turn around. Walk out the door. And be sure to get the party favor! We're handing you a few million quid just for being here today! Ta ta!

And just like that Jack and Robert are back talking about yet another sacked manager. Er, mutually consented manager. Whatever. Rémi Garde is gone, the options to take over are... less than inspiring, and we've got Chelsea on Saturday. So yeah, we're very happy tonight.

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