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Villa lose to Stoke and Everton, we discuss how they'll lose to Manchester City

Jack and Robert return for episode 82 of the Holtecast.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Did you know that Holtecast anagrams to Lose Chatt. This week on Lose Chatt Jack and Robert are tackling the important questions. Questions like: Why? When? How? What? If you'd like those expanded, we examine when the misery will end, how our eventual fate will befall us, what Rémi Garde can do while Rome burns and why, God, why?

We do this, of course, by looking at losses to Stoke and Everton. We also preview this weekend's upcoming loss to Manchester City. In between, we talk protests, schisms, and the ultimate question in red candy. That's right, it's time to settle Twizzlers vs. Red Vines once and for all, and there are hot takes to be had.

You can watch below or you can listen if the watching isn't your thing. Should you want to subscribe, you can do so on YouTube or via basically any podcasting service. Thanks, as always, for listening!