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Podcast: Aston Villa are super busy, but also super boring

It's episode 84 of the Holtecast, and after a one-week break, Jack and Robert are BACK!

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

So that was a rather eventful week, no? We've seen Hendrik Almstadt and Tom Fox fired. New board members added. Oh, and losing. Because Aston Villa. That's what they do.

We also have swirling rumours of an impending sacking of Rémi Garde. Will he stay? Will he go? Should he stay or should he go? We look into possible trouble and see if a change could make it double.

Aside from that? Well, there's not much else happening. We, as always, delve into your twitter questions, and we'll take a look at a lovely 20-year anniversary.

You can watch below, or you can listen. If you choose the latter, just be aware that, in addition to the ads that BlogTalk Radio put before and after the show, we've added one in the middle. We apologize a little bit, but we've been given the option to get some money for podcasting, so we figured it was smart to take it. Thanks, as always, for listening!