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Podcast: Aston Villa aren't worth spending much time on, so we're not going to

Jack and Robert return for episode 83 of the Holtecast. This week, with a twist!

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

I spent my day enjoying some utterly bizarre early-spring warmth by walking around Washington, DC. It was glorious. But in the back of my head all day was one thought: "What are we going to talk about on the Holtecast this week?" You see, Aston Villa are bad. But we've said that before. Numerous times. And repeating it at length and ad nauseam seems like a bad choice for everyone.

But then it hit me. And I texted Jack. And we're happy to present you the (first? last?) Lightning Holtecast! Five topics! Three minutes each! One beer per host! This is podcasting as it was always meant to be. We figure that Aston Villa aren't worth spending much time on, so why spend much time on them?

To that end, here are our topics for the day:

  • Manchester City match
  • Finances
  • Jack Grealish
  • Twitter questions
  • Spurs preview
That's it! You can watch and listen below. Be sure to subscribe (and rate/review!) with any podcasting app you may have, or on our YouTube channel! And let us know what you think. Villa really aren't good, so if y'all want more lightning Holtecasts, we can do that. Just for you. Thanks for listening!