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Where do Aston Villa go after drowning in the Liverpool?

Aston Villa are a shambles and the fans are angry. It's episode 81 of the Holtecast.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Six to nil. 6-0. A lot to none. The last time we saw Aston Villa on the pitch they spent more time picking the ball out of the net than they did actually doing anything useful. And then they compounded the misery by admitting they didn't try, tweeting out pictures of cars, and trying to lie to us. HOORAY FOR FOOTBALL!

So of course the fans are angry, and we're on board. They've got every right to be angry. But Jack and Robert delve into the Out the Door on 74 movement. Is it the right thing to do? Could we do better? Would it matter?

We also take your twitter questions and preview this weekend's match against Stoke.

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