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PODCAST: On the Pod, My Lord Episode 2: Entitlement, My Lord, Entitlement

James is back with his little old podcast. Screw fans, sometimes.

The joy of being an Aston Villa fan.

Borderline racial slurs, negative support. There's a few things that buying a ticket doesn't entitle you to do.

However, free speech is something we are are all entitled too, regardless of situation.

Welcome back to On The Pod My Lord! I'm so pleased to be back with a new microphone and hopefully some better production values. Join me on this crazy audio journey (now in stereo) to a world after Villa were hammered by Liverpool. I got to enjoy it. It wasn't fun. Hopefully this podcast is more fun.

Don't forget to share and keep listening to the Holtecast by my hermanos Jack and Robert. Also, this is a 100% grassroots deal, if you want in or have some feedback - do not be afraid to share. We're in this together! See you soon for episode three.

My god, Aston Villa SUCK at everything. Listen below!