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Liver bird is next after Villa dump Canaries down the coal mine

Episode 80 of the Holtecast is here and we're all getting old.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

We're back and winning-er than ever! It's episode 80 of the Holtecast and we're riding the high that can only come from beating a team by multiple goals. I'm sorry you had to be the punching bags, Norwich City, but I'm actually not sorry.

So yeah, Jack and Robert spend a bit of time on that this week. Talking about winning is fun, it turns out. We've also got the news of the day. News like Rémi Garde's commitment to the club so long as the club shows a commitment to (spending) money. And news like... uh... it's a quiet week.

We've also got a very special game to celebrate Jack's 24th birthday!

You can watch the episode below, or you can listen to it. The choice is yours! You could also subscribe to our YouTube channel or to the podcast on basically any podcasting service that you can think of. As always, thanks for listening!