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Podcast: Breaking down Villa's win over Palace and previewing the Leicester clash

Jack, James, AND Robert all join together to talk about Aston Villa's win over Crystal Palace. It's episode 76 of the Holtecast.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Aston Villa have won again! It happened! No, really, it did! And to celebrate, we're having all three Holtecast hosts on this week for episode 76 of the podcast. Jack and Robert are reunited and it feels so good and James joins us to tell us what it's like being at Villa Park for an honest-to-goodness win.

After reveling in the glory of three points for a while, we take a look at what Villa might have in store for January, this weekend's match against tied for points at the top of the table Leicester, and plenty more.

You can listen or watch below, and as always, we'd love it if you left comments, feedback, questions, or anything of the like. Be sure, too, to check out James' new podcast On the Pod My Lord, the first episode of which can be found here. Or in your phone if you're already subscribed to the Holtecast.