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The grace period is over, it's time for Villa to start winning

Jack and Robert return for the Holtecast after a thrilling mid-week cup win.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Let's ignore Crystal Palace, eh? And how about we ignore the first 90 minutes of Tuesday's Capital One Cup match. Will anyone be upset if we do that? No? Great.

With that in place: VILLA ARE UNSTOPPABLE. Two goals in just 30 minutes and none allowed? Watch out Sunderland, we're coming for you And the 0-4 drubbing we put on in March is going to feel like Child's play. By my calculations of what happened against Notts County, Villa are on pace to... wait, we don't make predictions here.

Instead, we talk about Crystal Palace and Notts County (yes, even the first half), and look ahead to Sunderland. Plus we've got a bumper crop of twitter questions this week, so we'll get to those as well!

You can watch below, and if video is not your thing you can listen below as well. If you're the audio type, you can subscribe to the Holtecast pretty much anywhere you get podcasts. If you want the video, check out our YouTube channel. And regardless, if you enjoy the Holtecast, please take 30 seconds and leave us a review on iTunes.

And, as always, thanks for listening!

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