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Can Villa right the ship after Manchester United loss and QPR draw?

The Holtecast is back for a look at the matches against Manchester United and QPR.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Jack and Robert are back, one week older and one point to the better. But we all know it should have been three points.

On this week's Holtecast, we break down Aston Villa's performances against Manchester United over the weekend and Queens Park Rangers on Saturday. One was expected, the other wasn't good enough. There are sure to be calls for heads to roll and things that we'll regret saying later, but what is a podcast for if not snap judgments?

Then we turn our focus to the future. Can Villa get anything out of a tough trip to White Hart Lane against Tottenham Hotspur. Probably not! But we see if we can find something that might work for Tactics Tim.

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