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Aston Villa back to winning ways, look to do the double on Baggies

Jack and Robert are back after a one-week break with a new Holtecast!

Clive Mason/Getty Images

So here's a novel idea: we're podcasting after an Aston Villa win. Yes, that's right. And what's more, it's a win in the Premier League. We haven't gotten to do a podcast like that in nearly three months, so you can imagine how excited we are.

We begin, of course, by recounting the thrilling win over West Bromwich Albion on Tuesday. There is no shortage of gloating over the win, and especially the gut-punching manner in which it happened. After that we take on all sorts of Aston Villa news: the return of Stiliyan Petrov, the defensive injury crisis, and more.

And how can we leave you except by looking ahead to tomorrow's FA Cup quarter final clash against the Baggies?

We had some tech issues in the first five minutes, so apologies for that. As always, you can find the audio below, or you can head to our YouTube channel. Unfortunately neither of our cameras were working today, but the audio is still there if you want it on in the background. You can subscribe to our audio on pretty much any podcasting service, and we'd be very appreciative if you left a review for us on iTunes.

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