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PODCAST: Villa continue search for the elusive second win

Jack is joined by James as the Holtecast returns for episode 71.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

It's been months. Literally. Months since Aston Villa traveled to Bournemouth on the season's opening day and got their first (and last!) win. And yet, we go again. After a pretty poor defeat at the hands of Watford, Villa will travel to St. Mary's to face Southampton for the second time this season. The first, of course, resulted in a 2-1 loss that saw Villa dropped from the League Cup.

With Robert out this week, Jack was joined by James and the two of them delved into everything we need to know ahead of this weekend's pivotal match. (Must they all be pivotal? Why do we have to put up with this? Which one of you committed a grievous sin and has thus made us endure this?)

You can watch and listen below, and you can subscribe on YouTube or through practically any podcasting service around. Thanks, as always, for listening!