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PODCAST: No, we're not scared by Arsenal, why do you ask?

It's episode 72 of the Holtecast and Jack and Robert are back to break down the broken down.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Well, it was a point, right? And we should all be thankful that it wasn't (yet another) loss, right? But it is hard to be too excited by Aston Villa 1-1 draw at Southampton last weekend. It doesn't help that the team didn't look all that good doing it.

But, it's a point. We'll take what we can, especially with Arsenal on the docket this weekend. You may remember the Gunners as the team who ripped apart our dreams of FA Cup glory in 4-0 fashion at Wembley back in May. Or you may not remember, because you've wisely blocked that moment from your mind. Anyhow, Jack and Robert are back to break things down: where do Aston Villa stand and what can we expect going forward?

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