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Aston Villa try something new as Garde takes over just after Tottenham Hotspur loss

Jack and Robert return to talk about Aston Villa's new manager!

Clive Rose/Getty Images

There's a new sheriff in town at Aston Villa. Or whatever it is that they call sheriffs in France. That's right, just as expected, Rémi Garde has taken over as the club's new manager to replace the recently-discarded Tim Sherwood. And the look on his face as he sat in the stands and watched Villa get trounced by Spurs was one that does not bode well for the players. I hope they enjoy strenuous workouts!

And oh yeah, there was that loss to Spurs. If you focus on the 15 minutes of good, tough play, it was really encouraging. If you ignore them, it was absolutely terrible. We'll try and fall somewhere in between as we take a look at the match and see if there is anything we can take from it and apply to this weekend's match against Manchester City. And some player. Some player we all dislike.

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