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Swansea look like Villa's last chance at a win for a long time

Jack and Robert return with another Holtecast!

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Well then, last weekend didn't go as well as we had hoped. The first half hour, wasn't bad, but then Brad Guzan did Brad Guzan things and it all fell apart. At this point in the season, any loss is bad, but at least losing to Chelsea is something that we expect and can deal with.

But those excuses don't exist this weekend. Swansea are a very good club, but they've hit a rough patch and if Villa want to survive this year, they need to take advantage of teams like this. There's a win to be had here, and while it won't get Villa out of the relegation zone, it could close the gap.

Jack and Robert and back to talk about the Chelsea loss, manager speculation, and this weekend's match with Swansea.

You can listen or watch below in the embedded YouTube or BlogTalk Radio players. As always, thanks for listening!

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