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HOLTECAST | PREVIEW - Aston Villa v Manchester City w/ David Mooney

Cole Pettem is joined by David Mooney from the Blue Moon Podcast and The Athletic’s “Why Always Us?” podcast for a bulky chat about all things European Super League and a sprinkle of pre-match thoughts ahead of Wednesday’s game against Manchester City at Villa Park...You can listen for FREE on AcastApple Podcasts, and Spotify - Enjoy!

What Do We Discuss?

  • David’s thoughts on being a supporter of one of the six English sides that are looking to join the European Super League.
  • Could this effect City’s current crop of players in regards to their future’s at the club?
  • If the ESL becomes a reality, how much could this effect City’s attendance levels once fans are allowed back?
  • What does the formation of this new competition do to the tradition of English football/football in general?
  • Have Manchester City all but won the title?
  • Pre-match thoughts ahead of Wednesday - Can Aston Villa make it a tough game for City?

All of this and so much more! Enjoy the podcast and Up The Villa!

GUESTS - Twitter: @DavidMooney | Podcast: Search “Blue Moon Podcast” and “Why Always Us?” wherever you get your pods.



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