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Acorns Children’s Hospice Appeal - Please donate today!

With Christmas only a few days away, the 7500 To Holte fundraising campaign in support of Acorns Children’s Hospice is in the home stretch. Here’s exactly how you can get involved and support a great cause this holiday season!

On Wednesday, December 1st, we launched our holiday season appeal for Acorns Children’s Hospice and we are hoping to show our support by raising money for such a great charity. With Christmas nearly upon us, we understand that people may have tight budgets, but please do donate what you can afford to spare. Every single contribution, no matter how small or big, can make a real difference.

The Aston Villa community has the ability to make a major impact not only in the world of football, but in so many other facets of life as well. If one thing has become apparent throughout the pandemic it’s the fact that Aston Villa supporters are thoughtful, caring, and a determined crew. No matter what, us Villans stick together through the hardest of times and there’s always a shoulder to lean on.

More than anything, we want to let you know what this charity is about, how important they are to the areas in which they provide support to, and how your donations will be used to help continue the fantastic work that they do.

About Acorns and their importance in the community

Founded in 1988, Acorns Children’s Hospice provides specialist palliative care for life-limited and life-threatened babies, children, and young people, while providing support to their families along the way. This fantastic support is provided from their three hospices based in Birmingham, Walsall, and Worcester, as well as within a family’s home and throughout the community.

Acorns hospices are able to offer a ‘home away from home’ environment for patients and their families through fun-filled activities and general care, which serves as a much needed break from around the clock care.

Most notably, this wonderful charity has over 1,300 active volunteers to thank for their continuous hard work and dedication towards making every day count for the children who have access to Acorns services.

What impact will your donation have?

Since launching our fundraiser, our readers and listeners have already helped us surpass our goal by a considerable amount and we’re extremely thankful to those who believe in making a difference.

Many people may not be aware of the financial costs associated with operating a charity and unfortunately, it isn’t cheap. When it comes to Acorns, it costs approximately £10 million a year to run their services within the hospices and community.

As a charity, Acorns relies on generous donations from the local community and beyond to help fund the care in which they provide. Without these donations, this wonderful charity wouldn’t be able to offer the much needed care and support to the children and their families — even more of a reason to get involved.

How can you get involved?

Share the details across social media!

The JustGiving link for you to click on and share around with your friends, family, and colleagues is:

Spreading the message across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram means that more people across the globe will become aware of the appeal, which helps raise more money.