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YOU tell US what you want to read about

Yes, that’s right. The world’s imploding yet Villa news is boring, so we want to know how to better serve YOU.

Leicester City v Aston Villa - Premier League
For Aston Villa, the coronavirus has turned everything upside down
Photo by Leila Coker/ MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Aston Villa news is still swimming around the internet, but let’s face it: it’s pretty much a load of recycled hot air right now, flipping back and forth to the fact that Villa will continue training, to assurances that Jack Grealish will definitely be off come June 30th. I could write about what’s happening with the team, but would that really attract your interest — haven’t you already seen five news items on the same thing? Don’t those articles penetrate your brain while sleeping, so you wake up knowing exactly what the Twitterati will be arguing about that day?

I’ve never loved the idea of using 7500 to Holte as a site to rewrite what we see in the Birmingham mail or — God forbid — the Sun. We need to at least add a little oomph behind it; our own thoughts and opinions should be evident. But right now, we don’t want to be reminded of what we don’t have. Let’s think about what we do.

With that in mind, we’d love your opinion on stories 7500 should write up.

Story Ideas

  • Create a bracket (it’s bracket season!) to determine everyone’s favorite Villa player of all time, a la The Short Fuse
  • Talk about the best and worse Aston Villa transfers of all time
  • Match Villa players with players from a favorite football movie (or, perhaps, another sport?!) and talk about who may need to leave and who we’d want to bring in
  • A look at how my own fandom has changed in the past decade, given that 7500 is now ten years old
  • More tactical examinations of the Villa squad now, or perhaps looking back on games that we love to remember
  • Speaking of matches, an examination of our favorites
  • If we could bring in any coach from history, who would we choose?

We’re seeking your input and your opinions so that we can better serve you in this curious time. After all, most of us are just looking for things to do while we #StayTheFHome, right? So tell us what you want to read and we’ll try to provide it.


We also have stories coming about Aston Villa’s kit deal, how canceling the season would hurt the women’s side, what a Davis-Samatta partnership would look like, an interview with Jake Doyle-Hayes, and the resumption of the Player in My Pocket series.

Leave us notes in the comments or hit us up on Twitter at @7500toHolte