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Villa fans tweets are marvelously optimistic prior to the League Cup final

Some may have thought that Villa fans would be dejected at the idea of facing Manchester City at Wembley, but they’re positively buzzing

Aston Villa fans should be worried. They should be exuding cynicism from every pore. They’re about to face Manchester City, the team with the most goals in the league, the squad that—according to the numbers, at least—should be in first place . . . and they’re playing them for the honor of lifting the League Cup trophy. These fans should be mopping sweat from their furrowed brows from the moment they awake. Instead, they’re . . . excited? What a fantastic set of fans we have, Villans. Never forget it. Now, let’s see how others are UTV!

Aston Villa FC asked the supporters how they’re feeling, but they were a little late on the trigger, because Villa fans have been tweeting for about 24 hours now.

Of course, we do have the obligatory “oh dear god I may vomit” tweet:

And the “we’re still owed one by the football gods” tweet:

We’ve got those who are clearly excited, but at the same time well prepared for the worst

Many are headed to Wembley, from near or far (sounds like far may be best)

Those who can’t get to Wembley but are supporting from far away

We have the SuperJack will save us all tweets:

Quite a few pumping themselves up for the day with song:

Even if there’s a touch of cynicism involved:

Jack reminding us how special this day is, no matter what the result

Stan giving us a very detailed prediction…

Paul is cautiously optimistic but also had to be fatalistic, alas

And we’ve got the shiny, happy, “Villa can do it because why not?” tweets:

And why not, indeed. UTV!