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Women have good reason to complain about Aston Villa, Kappa retro collaboration

Once again, a noteworthy brand and a football club have come together to design a line for male fans only

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Aston Villa retro shirts are pretty damn cool. Not only do we have a fantastic colorway in the claret and blue, but we have a classy team badge, and a long-running history with both. A clothing line respecting our history will remind us of the good times, the best times, the times of 1982 and Oh, it must be and it is!

Therefore, it makes sense that Villa kit maker Kappa created a line of retro kits, jackets, and pants . . . fans can escape the horror of the season and turn back to what was, if they only look down at their dashing outfits.

Men’s kit by Kappa
Aston Villa Kappa Active Jersey - Claret - Mens.
Men’s Kappa jacket
Aston Villa Kappa Fleece Track Jacket - White/Claret - Mens

And of course, it only makes sense that this line would include clothing made just for men. After all, what woman was a football fan in the ‘80s? No women were there cheering when Tony Morely made a perfect pass and Peter Withe put the ball in the back of the net. And if no women care about the heady rush of 1982 and the roller coaster of the 1980s, well, obviously no women would want to wear these sleek designs — we’d rather be cuddled up in our adorable mummy Villan pajamas.

First on the women’s clothing list!
Mummy Villan pajamas

Yes, this is the first of nine (9! The men have 64!) products that show up under women’s fashion in the official Aston Villa store. It’s not even clear what this means. Is the woman pretending she’s the mummy of a Villa player? Is it meant to display how proud she is that her children are Villa fans? Or is it simply saying oh yeah, I can be a mummy and a Villa fan at the same time?

Given that item says “mummy”, I’ve just been knocked down to eight items in the Villa store. Three are on clearance, limiting the sizing options. Altogether, few of these “fashion” items appear to be clothing that a woman would actually want to wear.

Now the Kappa, I’d want to wear that. And if you’re a man whose made it this far without simply clicking to the comments section to leave a note about how this is just another girl whining about nothing, guess what: men’s wear doesn’t actually fit women properly. You know what y’all don’t often have? Boobs. Hips. A little junk in the trunk.

Look, I know I’m not the only female Villa fan out there. I know many who do manage to get by, buying a woman’s kit each season. But I love to wear my fandom outside the stadium. Unfortunately, Kappa made that near impossible with jackets that will cover my hands, pants that will be a foot too long, and shirts that will stretch far too tightly over my chest (c’mon, you’ve seen how fitted Kappa kits are; in fact, they were first to make such a snug-fitting shirt).

Kappa, keep releasing the retro collections. But please, for the love of all that is holy, put aside your retro thinking when doing so.

Or perhaps in this case, it’s Villa who need to do so. After all, while Kappa’s “Kombat XX” (definitely suggests something women can get behind, yeah?) is also featured on the Real Betis and AS Monaco websites, neither use gender when labeling the wares. There’s still not anything that most women would feel confident would fit, but at least they’re not listed as a men’s only product.