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2019-2020 Player Preview: Jed Steer

One of the heroes of last season will take a back seat. For now.

Charlton Athletic v Aston Villa - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Neville Williams/Aston Villa FC via Getty Images

Jed Steer doesn’t deserve to be warming the bench at Aston Villa. No chance. After his performances last year in the Championship, he has every right to be the guy for Aston Villa.

We’ve said this almost every season, but without the basis that 2019 provided. Jed balled out. He saved us against Sheffield Wednesday and against West Bromwich Albion, twice. In truth, Villa owe their current status to Jed Steer. Without his timely and impressive saves, Villa would probably still be in the Championship. He stepped up after being cast out and claimed a spot in the first team after so long on the sidelines.

And now, he’s set for a spot on the bench once more. Thanks to the signing of the talented Tom Heaton, Steer will once again have to bide his time. Clearly, and thankfully, he’s already got the mentality to thrive in a spot in the shadows - carefully waiting until his time goes again. Villa had a good goalkeeper in Steer, but couldn’t afford to lose out on Heaton. Now, Steer will lose out.

Anything can happen, as Steer will know, and it might not be too long until he is called upon once more. Maybe, just maybe, Steer will once again get the opportunity to show his worth. Again.