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BREAKING: Aston Villa kit leak confirmed as Kappa kits revealed

A behind the scenes snap has revealed Villa's new shirts

Aston Villa's new home and away shirts have been revealed - inadvertently - by a behind the scenes shot of the kit launch.

The kit launch, at Villa Park, is due to air in the next week - however the launch itself has been leaked in the photo above.

The photo confirms the details of an earlier leak, but there is no sign of the green third shirt.

The home shirt is of course claret and blue, but the away shirt is a sky blue effort with a striped detail in white. It seems all three kits have been designed with Villa's 'Part of the Park' season ticket campaign as all three kits reflect details of the legendary stadium in some small fashion.

Kappa's kits will mark Villa's return to the Premier League, and they haven't dropped the ball with this first effort. Luke Roper's kits last season entered legendary status due to their throwback design.

Are you buying? We sure are.