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Aston Villa reveal 19/20 away kit

Villa’s new away kit has been revealed (and it’s good)

Kappa and Aston Villa have teamed up to release their sky-blue away shirt for Villa’s upcoming 19/20 Premier League season.

It is Kappa’s second reveal of three - with today’s released home shirt being revealed over a week ago. The home shirt is available to purchase today and should be available in Minnesota tonight.

The blue effort - featuring an inspired striped design - was ogled by fans in leaks prior to this official reveal. Those fans will no doubt be delighted to see that the leak was very much the real deal.

The away shirt features claret detail and white shorts - a natural pairing.

The design slightly harkens back to the 1988 effort by Hummel - that had white/blue piping vertically across the kit in an asymmetric coloured design.

Aston Villa state that the design is inspired by the Villa Park gates - which fits into this season’s mantra of ‘Part of the Park’. Aston Villa’s alternate shirt - a yet to be revealed green and black top, had also been inspired by details of Villa Park - namely the bottle green stained glass windows that can be found within the stadium.

All-in-all, this represents two thirds of a solid first season from Kappa. Will you be grabbing the away shirt?