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Conor Hourihane agrees to contract extension with Aston Villa

Villa’s fire-filled midfielder has been locked down.

Aston Villa Pre-Season Tour Photo by Neville Williams/Aston Villa FC via Getty Images

Aston Villa have agreed a contract extension with Conor Hourihane. After joining the Villa in 2017, the Irishman has rattled in free-kicks, scorched in long-range strikes and has usually found the pass that wins a game. His incredible journey to the Premier League will continue - with him firmly locked into a team that he clearly loves.

Details of the extension have yet to be revealed - but it’s a deserved extension for one of Villa’s more exceptional players who exists in an odd space for Villa fans.

It’d be amiss to avoid mention of Conor Hourihane’s ‘disposable’ nature. While it was the Irishman’s furious strike that earned Villa a chance to compete for promotion, the player had been constantly criticised by Villa fans - including being booed off the pitch after being substituted by West Bromwich Albion.

That’s the story of Conor’s life though. He’s always been criticised and not deemed as good enough. He won promotion to League One and was told he wasn’t good enough and then he won promotion to the Championship. Again, his abilities were criticised, before winning promotion to the Premier League. It’ll happen again, no doubt seconds before he curls in a free-kick to save Villa - once again.

Hourihane - the man is a hero. I hope there’s a pay rise in that extension.