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Aston Villa set for chaotic July

Transfers and pre-season will create a perfect storm for the Villa

Aston Villa Unveil New Management Team

Much to the frustration of a few Villa fans, Aston Villa haven't really gotten up to all that much since their return to the Premier League was confirmed. With new riches on offer, it was widely expected that the Villa would be making a splash.

That hasn't been the case in June though, not really. There has been the links, and of course, a few outgoings alongside the to-be-confirmed record signing of Wesley Moraes - but for the most part it has been a quiet introduction into Summer business for Villa. Especially quiet when you size up the task that faces Aston Villa's recruitment team who will need to construct an almost entirely new football team to be able to compete in the Premier League.

Rest assured though. If June hasn't been a white-knuckle ride for you, you'll have to be careful not to be blown away by the month that Villa face in July.

Before the season starts, Villa will need to buy new defenders and wingers as well as a rotation up front, a new left-back and a new goalkeeper. More than likely they'll want all of that done before the players report for pre-season.

So, within just two weeks of July Villa will be aiming to seal most of their major transfer business. Even then with the opportunities that arise as the transfer deadline approaches, Villa's business won't be over until that deadline passes.

There's a big reason behind the fact that Villa haven't been able to complete many player purchases thus far and that's because it's a sellers market. Jack Butland, Kalvin Phillips and Tyrone Mings have been highlighted as AVFC's main transfer targets and all will come at a premium. Villa won't pay that premium and have started to negotiate, but they don't really have a leg to stand on here when asking other clubs to drop their asking price.

What's more, a full transfer committee is not yet assembled at Bodymoor Heath. Villa's Head Coach is away on holiday, and while that won't stop Director of Football Suso and CEO Christian Purslow completing deals, it still means that Villa's recruitment team isn't firing on all cylinders just yet.

With Dean Smith set to return from a well-deserved break in early July, Villa's transfer preparations for the coming Premier League season will intensify. Mix that in with a pre-season that will ship Villa from Birmingham to Minneapolis to Leipzig and back again, and you've got quite a hectic month.

So, hear this restless Villans; your patience must be found. June has been a testing month and not a lot has happened despite a large amount of behind-the-scenes activity. July will be a whole new beast as Villa scale up their preparations for the new football season.