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Aston Villa seek 'Head of Football' for AVLFC

The Villans are looking for a gamechanger as they invest in their women's football.

Aston Villa Ladies v West Ham United Women: SSE Women’s FA Cup Quarter Final Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

According to a press release on SRI Executive, it seems that Aston Villa will be increasing their investment in Aston Villa Ladies, and beyond, as they seek a new Head of Football to run women's football at AVFC.

Villa have outsourced their recruitment of this incredibly important role to SRI, who will action an appointment in the near future.

The idea is that an executive will be appointed to increase the scale of Villa's football operations and ensure the long term success of Aston Villa Ladies FC. This follows Villa CEO Christian Purslow's encouraging words about women's football at Aston Villa.

It would seem that under new ownership, Aston Villa have decided to take responsibility for the Ladies side, and this appointment would be more than a mere gesture. Ideally, this approach will increase the importance of AVLFC within the football club, secure facilities and kit for all levels of AVLFC.

It would also be incredibly encouraging to see Aston Villa wage the AVLFC footballers. Ensuring an executive is appointed for women's football at the Villa is a start.

Are we starting to see a new dawn for the women's game at Aston Villa? Possibly - but there's a lot of catching up to be done. You only need to see the lack of any Aston Villa presence at the ongoing Women's World Cup to see that.