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Report: Kappa to take over kit duties for Aston Villa's 19/20 season

There's a new brand in town. No, they aren't local.

Leeds United v West Bromwich Albion - Sky Bet Championship
This, but claret?
Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

What do Leeds United, Japanese mythology and Aston Villa have in common? Well, it seems they all have a Kappa. This time last season we correctly reported that Luke Sport would be taking over kit sponsorship duties from Under Armour and well we've heated up the rumours to breaking point and we've asked the questions and right now it looks like Italian sports brand Kappa will take over shirt duties for AVFC from the much-loved Luke Sport.

Aston Villa's multi-year merchandising deal with Fanatics (who have put out some good stuff) means that there would be an additional slot for shirt sponsorship. This current season, as mentioned, we saw Luke Sport take that role - designing kits and merchandise for the club - and next season a new sponsor (likely Kappa) will take over.

Kappa currently produce the Leeds United shirt (tight!), but any deal at Villa would form a partnership with Fanatics rather than any outright takeover of production and design duties. This would also be the second year that Fanatics have taken up that role with the Villa. At the very least that might herald a more forgiving fit on the shirts for the Villa faithful.

While Villa's chief sponsor for the upcoming season has not yet been confirmed, it does look as though, at the very least, the Kappa badge will be embossed on all Villa wear for the 19/20 football season regardless of league.

Unless we're wrong. (Wink).