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Aston Villa season ticket renewals rocked by Zebra Finance withdrawal

Problems arise as Villa’s season ticket payment plans fall through.

Aston Villa v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

If you’re hoping to renew your season ticket at Villa Park, then I hope you’ve got the cash in hand - because right now that’s the only way you’re going to be able to do so!

Villa, along with a host of other sports teams, are reporting a major issue with financing supplier Zebra Finance that has left them short. The full statement from the Villa lies below:

Aston Villa can confirm that, along with a number of other high profile football clubs, the Club is temporarily unable to accept any applicants for credit on Early Bird Season Tickets.

The credit supplier, Zebra Finance, has had its funding ceased and the Club are currently exploring alternative credit solutions for season ticket purchases.

Supporters who have already taken up the finance option through Zebra are unaffected and fans can still continue to purchase Early Bird Season Tickets without a finance plan.

This means that if you want a season ticket right now - you’ll have to pay the full amount. Until Aston Villa and other football clubs can find a new funding partner for finance plans, that’s the only option. It is likely that this situation will change if and when Villa can find a partner, but there is no news yet.

The big issue here is that Villa fans will miss out on Early Bird discounts as no more applicants can be accepted if they wish to use a finance plan and the club hasn’t announced any extension to the Early Bird deadline. It’s safe to say that this tidbit has distressed a few Villa fans waiting to renew their season ticket via financing.

While Villa wait other clubs like Leeds United are facilitating payment plans in-house. Again, it seems that if you’ve already sorted a payment plan, this will be honoured.

We can only hope that this issue gets resolved as soon as is possible. Villa were let down, but that shouldn’t be passed onto the fanbase.