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Neil Warnock is mad at Chelsea over Tammy Abraham

Villa’s new target man is the subject of a sore spot between Warnock and Chelsea.

England U21 v Netherlands U21 - 2019 UEFA European Under-21 Championship Qualifier Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images

Neil Warnock, despite his recent successes, has found a lot to be rather unhappy with in regards to his return to the Premier League with Cardiff City FC. If it’s not refs, it’s cheating, if it’s not cheating, it’s the illogical (in his mind) transfer of Tammy Abraham from Chelsea to Aston Villa. Why is Warnock mad? Well, because Villa got Abraham on loan and he didn’t. What’s more, in his eyes, Chelsea pretty much ignored his approach for the player.

Warnock, according to Standard Sport, had targeted Tammy throughout the transfer window and picked him out as their ‘main guy’. His approach was rejected, and Tammy eventually landed at Villa at the end of the loan window - long past the point of a Premier League transfer.

It’s pretty clear why Warnock missed out - and it’s nothing to do with shithousery between Villa and Chelsea and Warnock - but the Premier League window closed at a time when Abraham seemed to be in the first-team picture at Chelsea, or thereabouts. Then, by the end of August, the situation had changed and he wasn’t - meaning a loan move to Aston Villa made sense. Neil seems clear that this is the case, but there’s clearly a chance for fingers to be pointed here.

Warnock is a runaway train and is usually carried forth not by the ‘sense’ or justice of his arguments, but more by the fact that the argument is there and he made it. All in all, it’s nothing - but a funny tidbit about how Villa, despite being in a lower league, can still find themselves involved within this sort of idiocy.

In other news, more relevant to Villa - Ritchie De Laet could be on his way out - for some reason.