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Aston Villa power rankings: Pick your top 5 for week 3

Which Villa player has meant the most to you in week 3? Vote in the comments

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Power rankings worked really well last week, so I’m opening it up as a thing for the site. Read the post, then put your top five, in order, in the comments below. I’ll wrap them up in 24 hours or so and tally up the scores to reveal on the site in midweek and the Holtecast soon. So yeah, don’t hesitate.

Each week we’ll be looking at the top five Villa players of that said week. This week, we’re focusing on the two league games against Brentford and Reading.

Last week, John McGinn claimed the top spot and Jonathan Kodjia entered the rankings. This week, we’re expecting a volatile change, with a lot of new faces entering our top five for the first time.

So, without any further waffle, give me your top five Villa players. Remember, we’re not just looking at match performances here. For instance, Birkir Bjarnason might rank highly not for his match performances, but for scoring a memorable last-minute match winner at Villa Park, for example. That’s how it rolls. Just your top five, please! Comments are open for you to do so!