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Aston Villa and Luke Sport release striking alternate shirt ahead of Carabao Cup clash

Luke and Villa have got together for a new ‘cup’ shirt that you’ll be buying.

Aston Villa and Luke1977 (Luke Sport) have today released their ‘3rd shirt’ - an alternate strip to be deployed on the odd occasion when it’s needed, or when the squad fancies a change.

The third shirt features a blend of blue, purple and claret in a mild V shape down the front.

It’s probably going to receive a more ‘mixed’ reaction than the previous efforts, but it’s also the first time that Luke1977 have utilised a clean slate for their designs for Villa, free from tradition. This design represents something unique for Aston Villa. It’s probably one of the more ‘noisier’ designs that the club has featured in years. It’s adventurous. For a club that has stayed true to historically defined templates, Villa’s new alternate shirt allows for a bit of creativity and a bit of vision. A refreshing palette cleanser after we were treated to two main kits that are dripping with Villa history.

As for the reaction, anything deemed ‘adventurous’ is always going to have its vocal detractors. Make your mind up for yourself, after all, you’re not going to be forced to buy it! Luke’s co-founder, Simon Poole reckons the same - but also says that it is forward thinking and one that he loves.

It’s worth noting that while there is no striking difference between the colours of the home shirt and this shirt, there doesn’t necessarily need to be. This new shirt simply adds to Villa’s incredible visual identity deployed in the 18/19 season.

Villa’s collaboration with local designer Luke Roper and Luke1977 raised a few eyebrows when it was announced, however - nobody can argue that the collaboration hasn’t delivered, with kits for everyone - it seems.

An aside, I wonder if Ørjan Nyland will wear this if Villa use their away shirt?

Long live Luke Roper. Long live Luke1977. Long live Aston Villa. May there be a long life to this collaboration.