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Aston Villa unveil 2018/2019 kits designed by Luke Roper

Luke 1977 and Aston Villa have unveiled the latest Villa kits.


Aston Villa have today released a full look at their 2018/19 home and away kits. The kit, produced in collaboration with Luke Roper (of Luke 1977) has also been made available to pre-order ahead of a full release in the next week.

So, what do they look like? We've already seen the training gear. While we like that, there's been a mixed reaction overall.

As for the kits, here's the home shirt.

It's a striped effort that seemed beamed from the 1970's. That's not a bad thing. At all. The badge is raised and Villa and Luke have gunned for a classic claret here.

The away shirt follows the same vibe. It's white and feels like it's decades old, in a good way.

Both shirts feature various tributes to the Villa fanbase and also a motif for William McGregor, the father of the club.

My verdict? These are classy. Really classy. The fact that they are made by a bloke who loves the Villa only makes things sweeter. I'll be getting one. Or both. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.