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Aston Villa unveil LUKE1977 training kit, with full kit launching on the 9th of July

Wow. Villa did something good.


Re-read the headline of this piece. I wouldn’t blame you for dismissing it in a second. Why are we writing about training shirts and shorts? They don’t matter - at all. Are we doing it for the clicks? Are we writing it because it’s a slow news day? Not really - we’re writing this article, because damn - Aston Villa and Luke Roper have done something cool. This is the first time in a month that Aston Villa have done anything cool. That’s worth writing about.

So, Villa’s training shirt? It’s the first attempt by Luke Roper and his gang (LUKE SPORT, under LUKE1977, a UK based fashion house) to create Villa’s gear. The training shirt was revealed by the official site earlier today, and sports both a full collar and a v-neck, depending on the version. You can see the shirts above in the main image of this article, and the reverse design below.

A little more on the design ethos. Villa have went with a ‘mono’ crest. This all-black effort will apparently be rubberised and is the same type of badge used on Villa’s (admittedly cool) yellow away shirt by Macron, last seen in 2016. The shorts and socks will be black, while the shirts are ‘Hawaiian Ocean Blue’ complemented with ‘Festival Fuchsia’. It’s certainly an improvement on the all-grey Under Armour gear.

This isn’t the only tidbit of news either - Villa will launch their full kits for the 2018/2019 Championship season next Monday (the 9th of July) at 10am in the UK. These go on sale on the 18th of July. Keep an eye out for that. We’re expecting big things from the crew at LUKE1977. Especially after this, a small slice of something good in the world of Aston Villa right now.