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Aston Villa players report back as the Director of Football leaves club

Pre-season starts with a departure & more questions than answers.

Aston Villa v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

A story is sometimes told in long form writing, sometimes in brief expletive filled tones, but today on this Fourth of July — Aston Villa is telling a tale in two tweets.



Aston Villa is back in pre-season mode — complete with a Gary Gardner sighting. The squad is still packed with some of the most talented players in the Championship and the hopes of another run at promotion.

Aston Villa is also a place of total chaos in the backrooms and is doing a terrible job informing the supporters of what is going on. Part of the reason for that appears to be that some people in the leadership also appear to have no idea what is going on.

Steve Round joined as Director of Football in September 2016. He is out less than two years later. Don’t bother looking for a full statement from the club about the departure — I did and the tweet is actually the whole statement.

So to the growing list of questions — we can add a slew on Mr. Round. Was he fired? Is he being paid to leave out of the empty coffers? Was this part of the “plan” when Wyness was canned? Is the search on for a new Director of Football? What does this mean for Steve Bruce?

The communication has to get better from the club — but the scary part — the chaos the public is seeing could be only the spillover of the actual chaos behind the scenes.

But hey — Gary Gardner is back with the fellow next to him who is really good.