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A first hands-on with the new Aston Villa kits

The Villa View take us through the details of the new AVFC kits

The Villa View

Earlier this month, Villa debuted their new kits, designed by AVFC fan Luke Roper of Luke 1977. The hype is always there for football kits, but honestly, these new versions took Villa’s section of the internet by storm. If there’s something Villa have done right in a summer of pain thus far, it’s these kits. They signify a lot about Villa, and the Villa fanbase. Truth be told, I didn’t think I’d feel this way about a stupid football shirt.

Aston Villa’s new football kits are released tomorrow, and there’s still many questions to be answered. Ideally, we’d love to see the club sit down with Luke for a good half hour so he can take us through concepts and design choices. They’ve put out a short video, but I’m dying for something with a little more meat on the bones and I hope the club put out a larger feature on them.

Until that time, I’ll have to let The Villa View take me through the details (there are many) of the home, away and goalkeeper kits in their hands-on-review.

These kits though.