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Apparently, Milan Mandaric didn’t bid for Aston Villa

The Tycoon is simply an ‘advisor’ to a consortium

Football Manager Harry Redknapp Faces Tax Evasion Charges At Court Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

News broke on Friday that a bid for Aston Villa FC from a Milan Mandaric-backed consortium was rejected by Aston Villa owner Dr Tony Xia. Further reports from The Daily Mirror are now contradicting this by stating that Mandaric is simply advising a ‘group’ as they bid for control for the club.

What this means is that Mandaric, a well-known fixer, is barely involved with anything to do with Aston Villa and a takeover at this stage. According to MirrorSport, Mandaric has simply been asked by a group for advice, and if he can help them, he will. Mandaric is currently fully involved in operations at NK Olimpija Ljubljana, and simply put - framed this news as a distraction that is unfair to his current team.

Still, if Mandaric is advising the group, that’s at least something for us to hold onto. Big questions are still arising about why Tony Xia is deflecting bids for the club that are fair and meet his valuations.

With this current situation, we won’t likely know the truth until the conclusion of business matters in regards to Xia and a bidding consortium. We’ve been here before and it ends quickly, so all we’ll have to do is wait, and wait, and wait. Until then speculation is rather pointless, which is why this news seems so depressing. Yet another sharp blow to the hopes of many a Villa fan, that the club simply ends up in the care of a safe pair of hands.