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Aston Villa will unveil a 'Third Shirt' in the next few weeks

Baton down the hatches. More Luke stuff is coming

Aston Villa have today announced that they will be releasing a surprise Third Kit to accompany the two kits released yesterday ahead of the 2018/2019 season.

The two designs, produced by Luke Roper of Luke 1977 fame, have enjoyed a positive reaction. In fact, I've had family members who never buy Villa shirts ask me about them. That's a good sign and a small slice of positivity in what has been a disappointment of a summer so far.

So, the Third Kit? Here's what Villa had to say - 'This time around – we WILL be releasing a third kit this year! It’s a few more weeks down the line yet, so we’ll leave you to enjoy the home and away versions for now. But, trust us, this one will be worth the wait.'

Villa have nailed this one, however there are still concerns over the pricing structure of the shirts for overseas fans. Villa said they had updated the store, but some American supporters are yet to see a drop in price.

That being said, we eagerly await the reveal of this third shirt. More Luke Roper can't be a bad thing. As for the design, I'm betting on green and red...