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Pierluigi Gollini drops first rap single ‘Rapper coi Guanti’ hours after leaving Aston Villa

Pierluigi Gollini - Gollorius has completed a life-long ambition by breaking into rap, in Italy.

STO Magazine

In today’s edition of ‘I actually did not see that coming, at all’, former Villa goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini has released his first music single, and video, hours after completing a permanent transfer from B6 to Atalanta.

Debuted by STO Magazine as their single of the week, Gollini trades his jersey for the name ‘Gollorious’ and picks up the microphone. You can watch the entire thing on STO Magazine’s youtube channel.

Rapper coi Guanti or ‘Rapper with gloves’ is the name of the track, and it actually features a reference to Gollini’s time at Aston Villa FC.

To many in Italy, this doesn’t come as a great surprise. Gollini has been treated well by the Italian music industry who lavished a special gig upon him for his birthday a while back. Gollini himself said that he writes music just as much as he trains in goal.

The song actually isn’t as bad as you’d likely think it to be, and it’s some improvement on the rapping of John Barnes in what many consider to be one of the best football related songs of all time. Still, this is the last we’ll hear from Gollini at Villa, as today is the last day he’ll ever be on the playing staff at the club. Addio.