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Aston Villa’s unworn 17/18 third shirt is a thing of mythical beauty

A white shirt didn’t make it’s debut this year - but it should have


I’m not too much a fan of the post-2012 football shirt. Some, especially those produced by the ‘big makes’ are very hit and miss. That’s especially the case for Aston Villa, who have rolled out largely forgettable shirt and kit designs for a few seasons now.

To be kind to the club, they’ve done well across the board this season - a rather unique away strip featuring a claret mosaic works well with a plum-ish home shirt decked in subtle embossed lions.

And they’ve have done even better this season had they found room to feature their third shirt, as unveiled in close-quarters by the excellent Aston Villa twitter account - Aston Villa Shirts. Take a look at it.

Claret flourishes on the sleeves, subtle brands of sky-blue, a crystal pattern emerging from behind a white panel front. It works kindly with Unibet’s terrible branding on the front, as well, which is a huge plus. Remember to give Aston Villa Shirts a follow as well.

What do you say, Villa? Sell this to us on the sly? We’d pay good money...