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Aston Villa can’t say a single thing that is going to make this better for anyone of us

If you want to feel better about Aston Villa, look within yourself.

Aston Villa v Fulham - Sky Bet Championship Play Off Final Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

This really is the worst, isn’t it? With that, I don’t mean Villa’s league-standing, incoming financial fair play restrictions, or anything else to do with how Aston Villa are run, or how they will be run in the time to come.

With that, I mean the general malaise we are all in. Where positivity is allowed to bounce off a glass ceiling, where negativity is stamped down, where realism is throttled to death and lofty dreams are crushed. If you’re a doubter, you’re fickle, if you’re optimistic, then you are deluded. It is almost like everything is allowed, yet nothing is permitted. It’s a testing paradox. My own mind isn’t totally made up and my opinions seem to be changing and wavering with every single passing day.

So how do we resolve this and find the even ground that we all stood upon not a week and a half ago? Truly, I do not know. Many are clamouring for Aston Villa FC to put out yet another statement. I’m not sure as to what end those hopes have in mind, but certainly, another club statement does not bring us any closer to the stability that we need - not as a club, but as a fanbase.

From this point forward, every single decision made by the club is going to be judged harshly. If Steve Bruce leaves his role, there will be strong criticism (and not just from fans, who have every right to hold that opinion, but from the press, who have done nothing but back the Villa boss without criticism at every single opportunity). If Aston Villa sell a major player, there will be anger. If Villa announce a change of plans, there will be concerns. The question? It’s not that these feelings, criticisms, thoughts and opinions aren’t valid, but how we can move forward, together, based on a single statement from the club that could mean, well, anything.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that we probably have to back the club whilst not shouting down criticisms and opinions, all of which are valid - and Villa in themselves can’t help us with that. It has to come from us.

After all, things aren’t that bad.