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Transfer rumours? Pointless until possible promotion!

What is the point?

Aston Villa v Manchester City - Premier League
Who is this bloke?
Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

With news that the English transfer window has SLAMMED OPEN, hordes of reporters have scrambled atop a pile of keywords, links, gossip and rumours to ensure that no potential club-to-club move is left unreported.

However, with the case of one club, Aston Villa - there is a difference. While transfer rumours are, all-in-all, rather pointless (but they are fun!), there’s absolutely no point in reporting any transfer rumours regarding Villa. Why?

Well - the fate of the club could go in two massively different directions. Had the club achieved promotion with a 2nd place finish, certain transfer targets would be unlocked thanks to the financial relaxations that come with promotion to the Premier League. That can certainly still be achieved, but only if Villa can step past Fulham in the play-off final.

If they can’t, well - that would make most rumours redundant. On the flip-side of that, promotion to the Premier League would make another section of rumours equally useless. There are plenty of potential moves that exist within a grey area in-between, but they are few and far between.

God knows how difficult it must be for Villa to plan their recruitment activity.

So, for now - it’s probably best to stay quiet on the transfer rumour front, until next Sunday. In the mean time, keep an open yet sceptical mind.