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Breaking down Aston Villa’s potential 18/19 kit partners

Who is going to be behind Villa’s next kit? We took a look at a few options

Aston Villa v Reading - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Aston Villa have broken their deal off with Under Armour a number of seasons early. This means that for Villa’s coming season, whether it is spent in the Premier League or the Championship, AVFC will bear the mark of a new brand and their kits will be slightly different, since they will be produced by someone other than Under Armour.

Villa have went to some lengths to hype up the new kit deal, they’ve called it innovative, ground-breaking and most importantly, something that will benefit supporters. With this criteria in mind, I’m going to take a look at some brands and companies to see if they are a good fit for Aston Villa. Who could it be, and who do you want it to be? Let’s jump in.

Strong possibilities


I, personally, can’t look past Hummel. I want them to make Villa’s kit. Hummel’s brand is certainly focused on being innovative within the game. They aren’t the Hummel who dialled it in ten years ago with Villa’s kits. They have a big supporter base, a lot of good faith and could do a really good job at Aston Villa. Why not?

Aston Villa FC

If you want innovative, ground-breaking and something supporters will benefit from, then it’s not a crazy thought to think that AVFC will produce their own kits. They might be cheaper, might be better quality and will surely focus on the club, rather than profit margins. Plus, with creative fans now having access to the club (check Project B6), it’s not exactly unlikely.

A new firm

If it’s going to be innovative, it’s going to be new. Through Recon, it’s likely that an East-Asian brand might take control of Villa’s kits.

Dark Horses


While Umbro are Nike-owned, they are reasonably ‘better’ than Nike. They will actually create a dedicated kit for Villa, and due to Umbro’s ‘traditional values’, it will likely be a kit that fans like. It seems hardly ground-breaking though.

New Balance

New Balance are growing within the British game, with deals at Liverpool, Stoke and Celtic amongst others. It’s the most ‘Under Armour’ of potential candidates, and while it’s a look-in, I fail to see how this would be in anyway ground-breaking for Villa or football in general.

Le Coq Sportif

� AP

Le Coq Sportif, along with Kappa are experiencing a resurgence right now. LCS’s kits for Fiorentina are special, with four kits being made to represent Florence’s four distinct neighbourhoods. That’s pretty innovative, and benefits the fans.


Again, it’s not going to be groundbreaking, but Kappa are doing decent work in football right now, so why not? It might not fit you, but it’s probably not going to be too costly, and it will look pretty good.

Not A Chance


I can personally guarantee you that it’s probably not going to be either Nike or Adidas. This deals needs to be groundbreaking, it needs to be innovative and it needs to benefit the fans. Nike and Adidas are the biggest brands in sports, have plenty of bigger clients and will sell basic, but good-looking kits at high prices. Surely not?


Choose life. Choose Villa. Choose mediocrity. Choose kit templates. Choose Soulless. Choose kits too tight to fit 98 percent of fans. Choose 5% body fat. Choose Patrick Bateman. Choose celebrating a goal too hard and your shirt rolling up your belly. Choose a lack of confidence. Choose a gym membership. Choose a ketogenic diet. Choose working out, improving your life based on fitting into a kit that cost you £70. Choose being happy. Choose Villa replacing Puma. Choose what was the point of all that, but hey at least I feel good.

Fantasy Land

Under Armour

There’s more chance of Gendry from Game of Thrones forging Aston Villa’s new kit in his Blacksmith’s shop than Villa’s kit being produced by Under Armour.


If Villa want the supporters to benefit from a kit deal, they aren’t going to link up with Macron. Now, Macron’s kits looked good (sometimes), but the build of the shirts and jerseys wasn’t up to scratch. There’s no way Villa link up with Macron again unless certain assurances are received.