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Kit news: Aston Villa end relationship with Under Armor

The house will have to be protected with a different company

The house is not protected

Under Armor is out.

Aston Villa announced this morning a parting of the ways with the American-based company. The two year partnership was ended by mutual consent — which hopefully means no long term financial pain for either side.

I’ll admit that I have liked the merchandise and kits the past two years. But the deal makes some sense — UA has had a rough time recently with a data breach through My Fitness Pal that impacted 150 million people and overall the stock price has fallen by about 70% since the highs in Fall 2015... so that is not great.

Aston Villa are continuing to adjust to the financial world in the Championship and hopefully have a business plan in place to make this work out for the club in the long run. I’d expect there are two sets of negotiations going on — one using Premier League level numbers and one in the current league. The club’s argument to a potential partner is a strong one with the massive fan base, strong team, and chance at promotion (this year and next, if the playoffs don’t work out in Villa’s favor).

Looking ahead — some guesses/hopes/fears for next kits are already flying around twitter. Adidas, Umbro, and Nike are getting some love. Macron is getting trashed. And many are speculating a connection to a Chinese manufacturer is a likely option.

In the end, Tony Xia & co will make the decision that makes the most financial sense for him and the club. All I want is a blue and black away kit.