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Aston Villa become the latest football club to back the safe standing campaign

Villa are backing it, but have you signed it?

Aston Villa v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

All week on 7500 to Holte we’ll be talking about safe standing. Why? Because plenty of people are demanding the Government of the United Kingdom to allow it to be put in place in UK footballing stadia via a petition. Laws and regulations currently require these stadia to be all-seater, however, recent case studies are fostering hope and belief that safe standing can be introduced to football grounds around England. The first step? It’s here in the petition. Get above and beyond 100,000 signatures, and you get it into the House of Commons. Us? We’re here to educate, to entertain and hopefully change a few minds.

Friends, I am delighted to be able to write this article. Within the last hour, Aston Villa FC have reaffirmed their commitment to backing safe standing in football and have asked fans to sign the safe standing petition that is challenging the Government’s stance on standing.

With the safe standing petition having blown past 100,000 signatures today, this is the latest in a spree of good news for the movement. Wolves have seemingly added their backing, and now Aston Villa are pressing for the introduction as well. Still, the backing of a top-four Premier League club would be attractive for a petition that will now be debated in Parliament.

I had penned an article that almost begged Villa to back this campaign, so I’m glad we didn’t have to air that one!

Even with the target achieved, there is plenty still to aim for. Safe standing is not yet implemented, and a loud racket would certainly be welcome as football fans in England await the outcome of a now certain debate. Let’s keep growing, and get this backed in big style. On to 200,000!

On a final note, a big thank you must go to Aston Villa. The club putting their name to the petition is no small thing.