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The rumours surrounding Aston Villa’s latest kit sound more than promising

Here’s a serving of that promised ‘innovation’

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Aston Villa v Reading - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Kit news. Kit news. Is it s**t news? For some. But footballers cannot perform the sport we love, the reason why we are all here, without them, so a mainstay of the football world they shall stay! We all have different opinions about what makes a good kit. Aston Villa? They want innovation, and something that works for fans.

After moving on from Under Armour in the past few weeks, AVFC have promised a new direction when it comes to their shirt and technical partners. In fact, many fans have guessed that Villa’s kit will be provided by Villa, themselves.

If the latest whispers are true (and there are BIG hints that they are), fans will certainly be getting a heap of innovation when it comes to the 18/19 Aston Villa shirt.

It might not be a technical innovation, but Villa are certainly being adventurous if everything plays out in the right way. Could a collaboration with Nike and Birmingham-based fashion house Luke 1977 be on the cards?

Everything hinted at thus far points to a big, fat yes - but we’ve all been burnt before!

The move itself, if true, is certainly innovative. Nike, of course, would have to be involved to ensure the kit can be mass-produced, but as long as the American-firm aren’t involved with the design of the shirt, we can all smile. Damn them, damn their templates!

In all seriousness, this would be an extremely cool development for Aston Villa, who have suffered a number of kit issues in the past few years. Under Armour have made good designs, but they are purple (or magenta). Macron made good shirts, but they fell apart. Nike were quality, but used the templates. Hummel were boring and so were Diadora. There have been issues for seemingly decades. It’s time for a new face, surely?

Still, it’s early days yet. However, one things for sure - the home kit will have claret! The away shirt? It might just be white, and that’s alright. At the very least, all of this is slightly groundbreaking, or about as groundbreaking as kit news can be.