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Goodbye Gabby?: No new contract for the all-time leading scorer

Report: Villa’s longest serving player to leave club this summer

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Aston Villa v Birmingham City - Sky Bet Championship
Exit stage left
Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

The Telegraph reports the 31-year-old forward Gabby Agbonlahor will not be offered a new contract this summer when his current deal expires. The decision will divide fans — some calling on the club to stick with the man who grew up at the club -- others point to the lack of production as the reason to cut ties. That debate will rage on and will certainly be covered here.

In the current campaign Gabby has appeared in six matches but none since December. He was giving the chance to impress by starting four out of the first six matches of the year scoring one goal and one assist. Two fruitless matches in December are likely to be the final contribution for Villa’s all time leading scorer.

The forward is said to be considering MLS as his next move as part of the retirement plans that the American Soccer seem to offer (writer’s note/plea: PLEASE don’t join DC United).

The hometown player will always have a special place in many supporter’s hearts. His partnership with John Carew was a blast to watch and played to the speedster’s talents — but sadly those were probably his best days instead of a jumping off point for the rest of his career. His goals against Birmingham City will be happily remembered as the biggest highlights and the one match everyone in the stands knew the forward was going to be up for.

But maybe — just maybe — Gabby will be offered one last chance to impact the club on this year’s run in and if so — I hope he bangs in goal for old time’s sake.