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Tony Xia’s grand plan for Aston Villa might be coming together as eyes focus on foreign investment in Lyngby BK

It’s all rumours - but let’s dive in. Who are Lyngby BK?

Lyngby BK v Slovan Bratislava - UEFA Europa League Qualification Photo by Jan Christensen / FrontzoneSport via Getty Images

Reports are breaking from across the other side of the North Sea that propose the idea that Aston Villa, are at the very least, considering the prospect of investing in a Danish club with a view to a full-scale takeover.

The leading news story, reported by Morten Crone Sejersbøl of Danish outfit BT leads with the headline that a big English football club will move in to save a struggling Danish club.

The Danish club? It’s Lyngby Boldklub. They aren’t unknowns by any standard, boasting a decent pedigree in Danish football and bringing some real talents through their system. Former players include Andreas Bjelland, Yussef Poulsen as just two highlights alongside others like Dennis Rommedahl and of note to Villans, Marcus Allbäck. What’s more - Lyngby BK have competed in this season’s edition of the UEFA Europa League.

If Villa are seriously interested in Lyngby, it’s not just to invest in a random club - there’s a genuine plan here. LBK have brought through plenty of talents and have proven to be pretty decent at scouting local talent in Denmark and beyond.

As a feeder club - strange saying that - Lyngby would have a great deal to offer to Villa, who would have a great deal to offer Lyngby! You see, not for the first time in their history, the Danish side are heading for a financial crisis.

Foreign investment in football clubs isn’t a new idea (see Manchester United and their history with Royal Antwerp, Chelsea with Vitesse and Manchester City with Melbourne and New York City FC), but it’s one that can be used to massive gain to create new revenue streams and an untapped source of playing talent. It’s also an idea that Tony Xia and Keith Wyness are both heavily interested in.

It was previously assumed that the pair would invest in a club from China, India or Indonesia - however those wouldn’t serve the same benefits up as a linkup with Lyngby. Lyngby are an established side, with an existing structure in a quality league - and can also provide players from the EU area (which is incredibly important to consider in terms of passports and work permits - Brexit pending).

A move to invest in Lyngby, with a view to purchase the entire football club in the near future would save the Danish club from destruction.

That being said - a Premier League club have spotted the investment opportunity, as well as heavy interest from clubs in England’s second tier - the Championship. Aston Villa were specifically named throughout the report as a potential investor, with key figures refusing to comment when Villa were named. A move for the team does seem to be imminent as the club are pushing back payment deadlines due to the pending takeover the team. There does seem to be a Premier League offer on the cards though - so we’ll see whether Xia and company can provide a more tempting deal to those at Lyngby. Still, it remains to be seen whether Villa are involved at all.